Win Win Spiritwear

Win-Win Spiritwear focuses on providing turn-key, no risk spirit wear sales programs for schools, PTO’s and PTA’s, and youth sports organizations. For more information visit us at

We know how hard fundraising and spirit wear sales can be. We also know that spirit wear, and novelty sales are a great way to fund your organization’s activities. However, administering those sales can be time consuming and financially risky.

Everyone loves T-shirts and imprinted spirit wear. Your fans and customers want to show their pride for your school, team or club. Why not give the people what they want? Because it’s a big hassle and financially risky, right?

There is a better way – a Win-Win way.

Win-Win began when a coach, a PTO dad and a shirt printer put their heads together to build a better mouse trap. We’ve designed unique merchandise and spirit wear fundraising programs that fit almost any situation. Our years of experience have led us to the best ways to sell and make money. We really are the experts. We’ve helped hundreds of schools and youth sports teams make money with little, or in most cases, NO RISK.

Quality and integrity come first. Our state of the art production facility is located in the beautiful farm country outside of Chicago, Illinois. We’ve invested heavily in the latest printing technology so your products will be the best available. Our staff is dedicated to maximizing your fundraising and spirit wear efforts. Further, our staff goes the extra mile to make your job easy. You’ll be proud of the quality products that bear your team or school’s name.

Bottom line – we love what we do. Because we know great organizations like yours reap the benefits of our efforts.

It’s a Win-Win!